Welcome to Darul Uloom London School

One of London's Leading Islamic Institutes of Higher Islamic Education and Secondary Education

Providing a High Standard of Education

Darul Uloom London prides itself on its delivery of high standard education. Both in the Islamic and Secular fields. Ensuring the learning process is of all round growth – academically, morally, spiritually, athletically, and creatively! Nurturing and inspiring the leaders of the future!

Supportive Boarding Environment

Our supportive boarding environment allows for students to develop. Encouraging all students to develop passions and building confidence for the future. Boarding pupils live as part of a community, supported by each other and by the professional care of our team of housemasters.

Exceptional Outcomes and Achievements

Our good balance of academia really prepares pupils for life beyond Darul Uloom London. Every pupil is encouraged, taught and challenged to fulfil his potential, by being immersed in an environment of discovery and wholehearted participation.

Situated in Chislehurst, London

Darul Uloom London is a wonderful place of learning in a beautiful setting on the very attractive area of Chislehurst. It is large enough to provide an exceptional range of opportunities, yet small enough for each child to be known and valued.